1. butterscotch and rainbow

    today’s brekkie was another oat bowl.

    this time the base is to resemble butterscotch dessert :d add in some basil seed to make a pudding like consistency :D

    ontop was apple butter and my hand was too itch not to make this bowl a bit flirty. so i grab the ranbow rice sprinkle and drizzle it on top of the apple butter. :D

    look at that little pot new comer? bought that yesterday, the japanese galore with mom. haha. XD it is very usefull to make and present my TJPF butter. haha. yea!

    half way, i dollop my pb pudding. the leftove from yesterday snack. XD

    following with snack for today was a fudge.

    simple yet ah-some! 

    mixed of PEFF, cocoa powder, applesauce, water and splendex. irresistable!

  2. still in the TJPF crazeee mode.

    in the morning after woke up i took out the PB whip that i made last night. :D

    the basic recipe is from katie’s vegan whip cream using agar base. :) water was used instead of milk. because…

    after the agar was set up enough i add baby PEFF!! mmm~~ needless to put any milk since the TJ PF is so so so rich. :D 

    added 3 T of PF and a pinch of salt to the agar base and whip it using my hand blender :D i whip that while waitin the basil seed to get gelled up.

    then after all base are prepared i layered them in a tall wine glass. nice breakkie huh? ;)

    while eating my breakkie, there was a postman knocking on my door! :D yay!!

    he finally send me the splenda liquid!!

    as promised i will do review about this :D

    so to start .. basically my peanut whip wasnt very sweet. so this makes me have chance to try literally “A SMALL LITTLE DROP” lol its small and little. yes. you dont get it wrong.

    and as soon as i stir the parfait again and take a spoonfull of it. my eyes was like -> O_____________O

    really! it amazingly sweet!! i really hardly believe that sweetness came from a tiny drop of liquid! WIN!

    this is the measuring guide that sticked to the bottle.

    see? 12 drop equal to HALF A CUP OF SUGAR. COOL STUFF. hehe

    and here is the nutrition label:

    last but not least, i confirmed that this thing have no weird aftertaste at all! its safe for cook and baking but i will prove it later. :D ofcourse follow by the review here! :D

    after had the parfait in my head screamed that i need carb for breakfast! lol.

    again, another excuse to make microwaved brownie. :P

    easy to make. i didnt use oil here but subs it with applesauce instead. okay, i dont really recommend to do this. the brownie turn out to be too chewy and dry.

    to aid the lackness of the brownie i top it off with a dollop of PEFF :p

    this absolutely balanced out the dryness.

    turned out to be edible enough. :P hehe. okay really, next time i wont ever leave the oil. >:( noo noo.