1. artificially sweet!

    okay, here i give you a riview for artificial sweetener.

    been using equal and tropicana slim all this time!


    but i can only get TS from indonesia. so whenever i comeback to indo i always buy some pack of those.

    basically my choice fall for TS. its good for baking!! it doesnt stated that it makes a good use for baking and cooking at the package but my opinion is it really does!

    for equal, i prefer it because the taste is quite strong for coffee and drinks, it do quite well in baking or cooking but, not as fabulous as TS to be honest.

    wanted to try splenda, but its quite troublesome to find it in singapore. not all supermarket sold it. :(

    anyway, i am waiting the liquid splenda to come so lets see how it will taste in baking stuff later ya? :D

    any pros and cons for sweetener? please leave reply :D

    ps. i am not endorsing these brands but i am just doing some personal review. :D

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