1. i am totally back! :D

    finally! i am on tumblr again after a week!

    so, as i said that i was spending weekends in my hometown. i have good news and bad news.

    bad news is, due to my own retardness, i forgot to bring my camera charger. i only make a good use of remaining batteries for the first day breakfast, -_-;

    but! the good news is.. i dont want to miss to record good moments, so i will do ANYWAY. options ended on using my father’s cell phone camera to caps this and that. this explain the following pictures arent good enough to be seen :( 

    anyhow, first, since i am so excited that this morning i receive my package of trader joe’s peanut flour, so the first thing i will review is this beauty!!

    honestly, i am OBSESSED with this stuff!!!! oh my.. this is the most amazing creation ever! 

    the very first thing in the morning, i received this package, and AS SOON as those are in my hand, i rip it open, make my basic oatmeal with almong milk, vanilla and cinnamon, and making my own peanut butta.

    how you ask?

    i put 2 TBSP of peanut flour (if you count calories, it supposed to be 55 cal in every 2Tbsp of this PF.)

    add a itzybitzy of salt and half packet of equal

    mixing it with almond milk about 2 tbsp

    and to reach my desired consistency i add in water.

    i stir stir stir and finally i get a most decadent peanut butta eva!

    oh dear.. it was devine!! seriously, you gotta try this your own and you’ll get another perspective of healthy PB! some more„ in DECADENT way!! :D win!!

    … i have to thank a guy (or perhaps a girl :p) named trader joe, or joe to create amazing stuff like this PEFF (name i give to call peanut flour. so dont get confused!)

    as my time to do assignment coming, whats in my mind is I NEED FUEL FOR BRAIN! haha yea, i know, its just another excuse to play up with PEFF. hihihi..

    so, i whip up katie’s single lady cupcake. and reconstruct the recipes abit.. 

    3 T of flour ————————> 2 T PEFF, and 1T all purpose flour.

    i bake in 160 degree celcious (just a conversion from katie’s fahrenheit measurement) exactly 15 minutes.

    while baking i make my coffee. ah.. you know me, a coffee kind of girl! haha. ever wonder what kind of coffee i consume?this:

    as stated, it is RICH! and not too acidic as most instant coffee. yuummness! and most days i love to give a hint of essence in my coffe, my favourite option fall in rose essence. its just one cup of pretty coffee! try it! :) 

    15 minutes ellapsed, and TADAAA~ the muffin’s readeeeeh!

    after i took out from oven i was concerned that the muffin arent set up enough. i hardly took it out from muffin tray. but because of my cool ability to pop it out. hey yeah! it was out perfectly!! :D

    i let it sit for a while cus my mom’s calling lol. i could’ve drawn it in my tummy asap though :p

    you know what? i was HIGH!

    at first i didnt put any high expectation for this muffin. since the “kind-of mushy” feel i get after takin it out from oven. so i just take a normal bite and BLAST OFF! i was flewn to 7th sky. or maybe 11th. lucky i didnt hit my head to the roof. haha jus kidding. omg i am being corny. :p

    realy, it ended up being the most moist, and gooey in the middle muffin! or cupcake, or what ever! and perhaps the oven wasnt heated enough so it gets that molten texture in the middle. perfectly in the middle! blame the unproperly heated oven to the reason of “darn easy to whip the batter up”!! :O (ps.haha thanks katie! i love youuuu! ;D)

    oh yeah.. today’s oatmeal breakfast featuring this cutie. basil seed or biji selasih.

    in the blog world i see “chia seed” running through every corner. chia remind me to basil seed. which actually its one of a traditional ingredients in indonesia to make some kind of dessert or drinks.

    so i quickly search through about this, expecting to get result that basil and chia seed is actually the same but, NO! dont get mixed up! chia and basil seed are not the same. it cames from different kind of plants, though the shape and “gelling-up”consistency are quite the same.

    anyhow, basil seed and chia seed are both nutritious. this create a “full-ness” feeling to your tummy so u wont over eat. :)

    i bought this basil seed when i was in indonesia. its hard to get it in singapore. the same to chia seed. it also hard to get it here. but i am now ordering it from an organic store though. they are run out of the chia seed and waiting the stock to arrive. cant wait!! :D

    below is a peek of my baking staple ;p hehe. these are my saviour <3

    ;) just to share. 

    anyway, i think i will post up the holiday session after this post ;) see ya in next post babies ;D

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