1. green pea soup and blackbean

    it was raining in the afternoon today. feels like to have something warm, quick and easy.

    so i made this green pea soup with black bean

    i was not a ready-package soup eater kind of girl. i always choose to go have it in cafe, restaurant, or any eatery places or made soup from scratch.

    but this muji green pea soup change a bit of that mindset. package soup not all that bad :D 

    this soup comes in powder form and only needs to pour hot water to it. 

    for the blackbeans i just reheat it on stove top and dollop it on the soup.

    those white dots are buttermilk. lool i dont have sour cream on hand, so i just use it. taste not realli much different but yeah, u know.. still got the diff.. lol

    sprinkle some cut up toast bread on top. i need my carbs. really. only soup arent enough! lolollll

    anyway, those set really satisfy me. the taste was perfect, made it with less water so it has very very good thickness. i like my soup thick n dense. :)

  2. an art for my night snack ;)

    currently nom-ing on this baby :3

    a takeaway froyo from swirl @rt!

    i always need something to eat beside me when i need to stay up till late hha.

    so tonight option is this <3

    hhe.. my mom bought me this when she was out cus of my request ;) hhe..

    anyway, am getting this original flavoured base, and topping of wheat germ and sun flower seed.

    my favourite combo eva! <3

    i love their yogurt! its not too sweet, its creamy, and the important thing is the frozen texture that holds up well! 

    you all gotta try this ;)

    swirl art got alot of flavour and add on toppings. but i always choose this. hhe. ;)

    ow yeah! and the taro and caramel yogurt! ummm~ nice :D

    swirl @rt concept is self serve. so we could take as many yoggu and toppings as we want and they charge it base on the grams of our bowl. :) cool eh?

    anyway, swirl @rt got two strore which are in bugis area and river valley area.

    i put up the link above so you all could refer to it to find more! :D

    hold on a sec. allow me to put up my camwhore moment please ;)

  3. Freshly baked Galore!


    #01-01, 57 Killiney Road S(239520), Orchard
    Tel: 6735 3298

    Mon to Fri: 8am - 7pm
    Sat to Sun: 8am - 4pm

    that day, when i was picking up the order package i passed through freshly baked. hoping that they already baked some scone so i came by to ask. only in 30 minutes their scone are ready! :( i wanted to wait but i need to buy things for my house needs and imidiately go back home. ;/ 

    lucky that my mom was going out so i ask her to pass by and buy some for me later on ;)

    see the first picture?

    it was my mom’s! haha. she came back not only with my scone but 3 bagsfull of baked goods! XD 

    see? even my mom fell in love with freshly baked ;)

    she bought me 3 and i finished them all in that day! haha one for my morning snack, one for my afternoon snack and last if for dessert. good day!

    good scone prove? see above? ;) do i even need to explain? XD its a GOOD SCONE!

    mom having this carrot cake, and i had a chance to have a bite

    the carrot cake was as delish as the scone. its not overly sweet, and its dense. which is a requirement of good cake for me :D one other important thing is the frosting! its wayyy too good :D

    i get the walnut as well! WIN!

  4. another episode of pumpkin and CFPB Walden Farms

    remember that i ordered Calorie free Peanut Butter? ;)

    it arrived a few days ago! :D

    i ordered this from Walden Farms. website: www.waldenfarms.com

    silly that i need to pick this package up from the post office in the next day of the actual delivery day. -_-i wasnt at home when the postman deliver the package. hhe so~ my bad~~ :p

    i ordered  jar, i opened one as soon as i was home to test the taste.

    took a spoonfull to test. lol i wasnt have any guilt to take a big spoonfull! since.. you know why~ haha i love the feeling! 

    my comment is, hmm.. it is nice. you can tell that its peanut! :D  saltiness? check! slight sweet? check! peanut flavour? check! zero cals? definitely check! creaminess? check! satisfied? check!

    however, since this is the zero cals thing, dont expect the texture of the real thing. not saying that its isnt nice, but its got some difference :)

    for a further taste test, i baked half of pumpikin. my love. ;)

    baked it in a usual way :D

    180 celcius, 40 minutes, cut side down.

    since i am seeking for the “sandy” and thicker texture of PB, i add Peff to the walden farm PB. and you know what?!?!?!?!?! its incredibally similar to the famous SKIPPY! :O oh my god i love it!!!!!

    so if you seeking an alternative to skippy, this is a good trick ;)

  5. review: bibigo & awfully chocolate

    this time i will do some review of a restaurant and chocolate stall in citihall area Singapore. getting excited yet? :p


    252 North Bridge Road
    #B1-74 Raffles City Shopping Centre S179103

    Tel: 63364745

    went here for lunch on tuesday with my mom and her friend. my mom asking me where to eat around citihall because she need to go there to fix her neclace in some store. i suggest her to go to a thai restaurant, so we went down. on our way there, i found this restaurant. i think its pretty new, yeah, citihall changes alot! lol i rarely go there. xD

    ofcourse i ask (force) mom to go in and eat here. :p

    three of us order their genmaicha, which is a tea. but i think its a rice tea or something because of the different taste and smell. its nourishing though! :D

    i ordered this set of hot stone bibimbap. it comes with a bowl of broth, kimchi, 2 sauce which is one for the rice, and i am not pretty sure what the other one for(that comes in a small bowl above the broth), then some long beans and another type of kimchi. 

    i choose black rice rice for the bibimbap. hey! i think i am obsessed with something black, isnt it? :O xD

    anyway, the chicken was picked, for the other add ons. :D

    the rice bibimbap are nice. the kimchi was awesome , but the “hottest sauce” as been suggested by the waitress, are not that spicy. for me its just as the same taste as regular gochujjang paste :/ so to aid it i ask for sliced chili :p

    my mom’s friend ordered chapchae. this is the super star of our lunch! we love it! its fatty and yummy!! all in one. hha. it comes in a huge portion so all of us share a pretty decent portion :p

    my mom ordered chicken noodle soup which i didnt picture that day :( 

    her noodle was unique for me. i think its hand made because of its rustic thick shape. was nice anyway :D

    it was so nice, that we polished off our food. well, *cough* mostly i help them finished all at the end ahahahha~ XD


    252 North Bridge Road
    #B1-52 Raffles City Shopping Centre S179103

    Tel: 63373842

    after that lunch my mom was so ecstatic to get her fave chocolate dessert. off we go to “awfully chocolate”. there i always buy a small piece of kahlua fudge (below).


    and my mother always have the whiskey poached cold chocolate cake. haha.

     the use of sprit here arent excessive! :O so dont worry ;) its nice! :D

  6. blackRISSOTO

    so as been posted in my previous post, i am going to do a taste test for the black ink paste i bought.

    and tadaa~ this is the result! i make a quinoa rissoto instead of pasta.

    and i think since quinoa absorb condiments very well, this dish is beyond amazing! well, not all that awesome since i cook the quinoa with chicken bullion. i should omit that next time since the squid paste itself is already been salted XD

    but since i love salty this dish is fine for me. just saying that it would be better to put less bullion, or just omit all. hha

    cooked brussel sprout and teriyaki enoki for the sides. this dinner was visually vegetarian but since the use of squid ink and chicken bullion its not. hhe. :p

    the blackness amaze me! i only use half a little packet to season this, but the colour is so strong!! :O and the smell was so so so pungent! nyuumm! :D

    see this?

    cool huh?

  7. butterscotch and rainbow

    today’s brekkie was another oat bowl.

    this time the base is to resemble butterscotch dessert :d add in some basil seed to make a pudding like consistency :D

    ontop was apple butter and my hand was too itch not to make this bowl a bit flirty. so i grab the ranbow rice sprinkle and drizzle it on top of the apple butter. :D

    look at that little pot new comer? bought that yesterday, the japanese galore with mom. haha. XD it is very usefull to make and present my TJPF butter. haha. yea!

    half way, i dollop my pb pudding. the leftove from yesterday snack. XD

    following with snack for today was a fudge.

    simple yet ah-some! 

    mixed of PEFF, cocoa powder, applesauce, water and splendex. irresistable!

  8. green pea & black ink

    told that i went out with mom yesterday for the whole day :D 

    visited muji and bought some stuffs! i love this store! besides their clothes and home appliances i loved that they also offer some japanese food product! for their foods, muji themself who manufacture it. i tell you something, they are all awesome!!

    back to business, i bought these yesterday

    green pea soup powder and squid ink pasta sauce :D

    they both smartly packaged! the pea soup is pack in a open-and-close air tight pouch and the squid ink paste packen in individual package, which the cooking only required to boil the package in water, open, and mix it to the pasta. is it too much for you? 

    here are some bits of info for these products. written in japanese -_-; but lucky they stick some english notes about how to use this product behind the package :D

    have tried this last night. the package state that it needs 3 tsp for every half cup of water. but i need 4tsp since i like it thick! taste wise, the first spoon you will feel its bland! but interestingly after the next spoon the taste are much more improving, and addicting almost. hehe. overall this is good :)

    the next one is the black ink paste. i havent try it but i will make my dinner today with it. hint: rissoto.

    i cant wait for dinner! :D yay! ;)

  9. snickerdoodle and brittle

    pardon me to purposedly forget posting yesterday’s oh-some breakfast! my mom’s coming so we was out for the whole day! :D

    generally speaking of awesome, what awesome is for you?


    cooking a meal to mimic 5 star restaurant dish ofcourse!!!

    did that for breakfast yesterday! i literally spend an hour to complete it~! haha. 

    started from baking almond brittle. it was a baking disaster that turns out great! since i wanted to make almond cracker in the first place but it turns out to be chewier than a cracker. so a brittle it is! the first attempt was in the night before. resulted, this:

    it do takes time to bake. around 25 minutes, but the preparation was as short as a snap of finger. (oh okay, or two!)

    look at the first picture? it reminds me of a butt shape. haha. :P 

    the ingredient was just as simple as 

    4T almond powder

    5 drops of splendax equal to 2T plus 1.5t of regular sugar

    and 1T applesauce. 

    just stir together, place on parchment covered plate and bake at 180degcelc! 25 minutes and DING! comes out soft but will set up after cooling.

    in the morning, i was thinking to have a gorgeous breakfast and just pamper myself with it. so why not i bake another brittle and pair it with my breakfast? 

    the above picture is the second one. turned out to be pretty and yumm! see the itzy bitzy piece of brittle behind? that was used in my breakfast. another accident it was. lol. i pull it up too quickly before the brittle set up so that piece was broken apart. looking better on the breakfast though, so it was a genius mistake.


    the base was snickerdoodle oat meal. made up from almond milk and buttloads of cinny powder. topped off with a huge scoop of PB on top of my ground calcium powder which mimic icing sugar. the brittle made used as the “hat” of the oat bowl.


    worrying oatmeal acquired taste? just treat it as a.. umm.. rice! or bread! the possibility to construct dish you like with oatmeal are endless! (secretly promote :P) really. 

    for me, since i love sweet stuff, so i love dessert. coming from that, i imagine the dessert i want, see through what strong ingredient needed for that dessert, and just pair them with my oatmeal. oat could be enjoy hot or cold. so this is one of the advantages that very usefull. like cookie?

    why not throw in some chocolate chips and lot of drops of vanilla! and milk! wont it be a cookiefied enough?

  10. still in the TJPF crazeee mode.

    in the morning after woke up i took out the PB whip that i made last night. :D

    the basic recipe is from katie’s vegan whip cream using agar base. :) water was used instead of milk. because…

    after the agar was set up enough i add baby PEFF!! mmm~~ needless to put any milk since the TJ PF is so so so rich. :D 

    added 3 T of PF and a pinch of salt to the agar base and whip it using my hand blender :D i whip that while waitin the basil seed to get gelled up.

    then after all base are prepared i layered them in a tall wine glass. nice breakkie huh? ;)

    while eating my breakkie, there was a postman knocking on my door! :D yay!!

    he finally send me the splenda liquid!!

    as promised i will do review about this :D

    so to start .. basically my peanut whip wasnt very sweet. so this makes me have chance to try literally “A SMALL LITTLE DROP” lol its small and little. yes. you dont get it wrong.

    and as soon as i stir the parfait again and take a spoonfull of it. my eyes was like -> O_____________O

    really! it amazingly sweet!! i really hardly believe that sweetness came from a tiny drop of liquid! WIN!

    this is the measuring guide that sticked to the bottle.

    see? 12 drop equal to HALF A CUP OF SUGAR. COOL STUFF. hehe

    and here is the nutrition label:

    last but not least, i confirmed that this thing have no weird aftertaste at all! its safe for cook and baking but i will prove it later. :D ofcourse follow by the review here! :D

    after had the parfait in my head screamed that i need carb for breakfast! lol.

    again, another excuse to make microwaved brownie. :P

    easy to make. i didnt use oil here but subs it with applesauce instead. okay, i dont really recommend to do this. the brownie turn out to be too chewy and dry.

    to aid the lackness of the brownie i top it off with a dollop of PEFF :p

    this absolutely balanced out the dryness.

    turned out to be edible enough. :P hehe. okay really, next time i wont ever leave the oil. >:( noo noo.